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Sober Bachelorette Party Ideas Everyone Will Love

Sober Bachelorette Party Ideas Everyone Will Love

a bachelorette party with a lot of confetti 

Usually, bachelorette parties are synonymous with white wine, champagne, and tipsy, honest conversations. Sometimes, friends of the bride who organize the bachelorette party choose to or have to take alternative roads. If the bride is pregnant, it seems almost inappropriate to get drunk and reckless while she is abstaining from drinking. Other times it is merely a matter of lifestyle. And let’s face it – you can have honest, wonderful conversations or a crazy and hilarious bachelorette party without drinking alcohol. For this reason, we came up with a few sober bachelorette party ideas everyone will love.

How do I phrase my sober bachelorette party invitations?

First things first – you need to invite the guests, and you might be struggling with the wording on the invitations. Instead of focusing on drinking, be sure to shift the focus to the specific activity that you have decided will be the ‘theme’ of the day. 

If you are organizing a gathering without any particular activities that are distinctive enough to be the theme of the bachelorette party, you may focus on:

  • what the bride’s interests or hobbies are, 
  • the bride’s traits, 
  • the season in which you intend to celebrate, 
  • the city or venue in which you will throw the party…

Essentially, if there has ever been the time to unleash your creative juices, it is the bachelorette party you are throwing. It is definitely the right moment for coming up with all sorts of fun ideas related to the invitations and the entire event. 


Many creative party ideas do not have to involve alcoholic beverages for guests to have fun.

a girl kissing a pregnant woman's belly

The Best Sober Bachelorette Party Ideas

As we said, you do not necessarily have to organize a bachelorette party around a trip to a club where you are supposed to drink until you drop. Take a look at these innovative, sober bachelorette party ideas everyone will love to get some inspiration!

  1. Spa Day

What is the next best thing to going to a nightclub to dance? In our opinion, an all-inclusive spa day for all of your girlfriends could easily beat a drunken night you may not even remember clearly. Also, organizing a day of pampering at the spa will help the bride-to-be relax by taking the edge off the approaching big day, especially if the wedding is in the near future. So not only will the bachelorette party guests bond while enjoying themselves to the fullest, your bride might even do her facial, mani-pedi, or any other beauty treatment before the big day.

  1. Amusement Park Day

If you think an adrenaline rush will make the bride enjoy this day the most, going to the amusement park is an excellent alternative to drinking. Since alcohol intake is not recommended before you jump onto jaw-dropping, heart-stopping roller coaster rides, it will make the day fun and memorable without resorting to drinking alcohol. 

  1. The great bachelorette outdoors party

If staying indoors is not the bride’s cup of tea, then you might consider throwing a party somewhere outdoors. Since bachelorette parties are typically associated with night clubs, this idea is definitely taking things to the path less traveled. Your girl squad could make a small campsite devoted to the future bride where you could eat, sing, dance, take amazing pictures, and hike in the wilderness. 


Having an outdoor bachelorette party instead of a night out could be the right sober bachelorette party idea for you and your girl gang.

a campsite decorated with lights at night

Of course, you could take things even further than simply having a bachelorette campsite in the woods. You could rent a boat, a hot air balloon, go rock climbing, bungee jumping, or basically anything that is to the bride’s liking. The important thing is to make the day as memorable as possible, which will surely be the case since spending time out in the open is entirely different from your average, boozy bachelorette party.

  1. Eat, Pray, Love

A cozy brunch in which your best friends and relatives could celebrate your big day together could be the right choice for you. Although this idea may seem obvious, sometimes having an understated, modest gathering might be more enjoyable than having a big bachelorette party extravaganza. This is especially true if you recently decided to settle down with your significant other and are overwhelmed with both moving and wedding preparations. 

  1. High Tea Party

However, if you want to make your bachelorette party the word of the town without having to drink, you might want to consider throwing a high tea party. Bring in your best china, little teapots, macarons, and cutesy decoration, and you will surely have the classiest bachelorette party in the city. 

Of course, this can be a party just like any other, in which you can provide tea and non-alcoholic margaritas alongside alcoholic beverages for the guests who would like to drink. Whatever your choice is, the venue you intend to bring in the high tea party paraphernalia is key to organizing a successful celebration. 


Teacups and cupcakes make for a lovely sober bachelorette party theme

cupcakes and canapes at a smorgasbord

  1. Slumber Party

Sleepovers have been the staple of a great all-girls gathering for a reason. You can have matching PJs or linen, watch movies, gossip, talk about the future, or basically anything that you want to do on this day. A slumber party is one of those terrific sober bachelorette party ideas everyone will love, especially those women who want to keep it as casual, cozy, and warm as possible. Also, a sleepover is a great way to catch up with your girlfriends and to keep the focus on hanging out and enjoying each other’s company rather than drinking and painting the town red.

Moreover, if the bride is moving in with the future groom, a slumber party can be an excellent opportunity to help her feel at home in the new house. You can use some of the time to unpack all the boxes the guys from have so kindly delivered.

As you can see, there is an abundance of sober bachelorette party ideas. Of course, you can adapt them according to your own preferences. Also, if part of your bachelorette posse wants to drink, that can be easily arranged. So, if you plan to invite older or underage cousins or people who do not drink for whatever reason, you have quite a few options at your disposal.

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