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Guide to getting fit for your bachelorette party 

Guide to getting fit for your bachelorette party 

a bride and bridesmaids looking at the sea, preparing for the bachelorette party 

One of the craziest nights in your life is approaching, and, of course, you want to look spectacular in that tiny dress you bought. What’s more, the wedding is soon afterward—another special occasion to blow everyone’s mind with your smoking body. If you are less than absolutely content with the way you look just a few weeks before the big day, do not despair. There are a few things you can do that will give you immediate results. Such instant gratification might even encourage you to continue with this lifestyle later. And now, let’s start training for that crazy party! No, not drinking training, you party animal. You may have to cut that out for a bit. Actual physical training. Well, a bit of dieting, too. Oh well, getting fit for your bachelorette party will demand a little work.

Get that diet cleaned up!

First things first, we all know that what we eat affects the way we look and feel tremendously. So, naturally, that is the first thing you will have to pay attention to.


finger food with an engagement ring decoration

A few dietary changes are necessary for getting fit for your bachelorette party


1. Cut down on salt and sugar.

Sodium and sugar consumption is among the main culprits for feeling and looking bloated and heavy. They will cause your body to retain water, covering all the muscles, and masking the lean figure. If you reduce sodium intake to about 1500 milligrams and sugar intake to 20 grams per day, your body will quickly start naturally eliminating excess water. Such a small change in your dietary habits will have a fantastic and immediate impact on your appearance. 

2. Eat clean.

What does a clean diet mean? It means a big no-no to all processed food and a huge yes to fresh whole foods. That means a whole lot of fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats, but next to none sweets, processed snacks, and packaged foods. Eating clean will provide your body with optimal nutrition. And the results will be astounding in no more than two weeks.

3. Drink more water. 

Increased water intake will, obviously, keep you hydrated. It will also significantly increase your energy levels and brain function and help maximize physical performance (something we’ll deal with in a bit). Moreover, drinking more water can prevent or treat headaches, relieve constipation, help treat kidney stones. It can aid weight loss and make your skin glow. Finally, there’s no better cure for a hangover, which, assumably, you are going to need.

4. Limit your portions.

Even if you have introduced all these previously-mentioned points into your daily habits, not much will happen if you eat too much. Yes, overeating on healthy food is still overeating. Therefore, if you exceed your daily calory intake by a lot, not only will you not lose any weight, but you may even gain some. It is actually a common problem for people trying to get fit. So, to eliminate the temptation, prepare only the amount of food for one serving.

5. No booze!

Well… Before the day in question. Just like soda pops and other sugary drinks, alcohol contains incredible amounts of sugar. So it’s a lot of empty calories. For this reason, refrain from drinking for two weeks before your bachelorette party. You will surely compensate for the lost time, wink wink. In general, increased alcohol consumption will cause dehydration, which will, in turn, affect your skin negatively, which will altogether affect the way you feel and your mood.


 a person pouring wine into a flute glass

It would be best if you cut down on booze a few weeks before your bachelorette party

Get more physical exercise.

As we have implied, it is the diet that will make the most difference when it comes to getting fit for your bachelorette party. Moreover, it’s the biggest part of any weight loss or bodybuilding program. The other part is the time you put in at the gym. That is not to say that you should strain yourself so much that you end up injured. No! Just add some extra workouts. Get your heart rate up with some additional cardio training. Or, if you are in the mood for something different, this is an excellent opportunity to try something new. Maybe you will finally say yes to your friend’s standing invitation to go to a Zumba class. Or another friend’s plea to be her sparring partner at kickboxing training.  

a group of women working out, representing getting fit for your bachelorette party

Getting fit for your bachelorette party should involve a few extra workouts


Furthermore, if you think there are some problem areas on your body that need special attention, this is the time to focus on those. Organize your workouts so that you target specific muscle groups. Extra attention to your abs of booty will get them toned in no time.

Sleep is precious!

We are aware that sleep is necessary for the body’s overall proper functioning. It also plays a major part in the way we feel and look. Yes, we’re talking puffiness and dark circles. But, lack of sleep can affect your skin, it can negatively interfere with weight loss, and weaken your immune system. It can mess with your brain functioning, mood, psyche… You name it. It’s no coincidence that sleep deprivation is one of the most horrendous torture techniques.

Have the best possible time!

Naturally, all girls want to look their best on their last night of being single. A few tweaks on your diet regimens and daily routines will have incredible effects. It may even give you the push to keep up with the new lifestyle when all passes. Remember, the aim of getting fit for your bachelorette party is to make you look and feel fantastic in your clothes. And your skin. Even the smallest change will make a significant difference and boost your confidence. All that combined will help ensure you have the best (and safest) crazy night out with your girlfriends. Plus, after a period of being careful with what you eat and drink and increased physical activity, you’ve earned a few extra shots and a substantial piece of cake!