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What to Expect

Things to Know Before You Go!

So you Googled online “Fun things to do In Orlando,” “Bachelorette Party Ideas,” or even “Where to celebrate a divorce,” and happened upon Rock Hard Revue.

You asked yourself, “Is this that type of place where the guys dry hump you all night for money?” Well not exactly…

What We do
The Rock Hard Male Revue is a production show based on the world-famous Chippendales in Las Vegas. It is a two-hour experience filled with kick-ass dancing, opportunities to tip the guys, and chances to get your guest of honor on stage into one of the production numbers. This is all hosted by one of the top male comedians in Orlando!

We have ticket levels for all budgets starting at only $44. Most bachelorette parties will reserve the Premier Section, VIP Section, or Preferred Seating.

Special Attention from Our Performers
If you are looking to engage in some hot and steamy interaction, make sure to bring your “dolla’ bills ya’ll!” At specific times during the show, our mistress of ceremonies will unleash the hounds into the crowd.

How to Get Attention?
All you have to do is hold some money up in the air. These guys are trained to the scent of money and will hunt you down like a Bloodhound. Now don’t get it twisted. Our men are gentlemen. They will man-handle you in the most respectful way. If you are not requiring any special love, feel safe that no one will approach you.

OnStage Experience
As we mentioned before, there will be chances to get on stage into one of the production numbers. When you arrive to check in, ask the lovely ladies upfront about purchasing an OnStage Pass. This is your ticket to ecstasy! You will receive an exclusive lanyard to wear around your neck that gets you access up onto the stage to be a part of the show. At that moment, the show will all revolve around you!

Bachelorettes and Birthday Girls
If you are looking for something a bit more special and exciting, consider ordering the Bachelorette Pass or the Birthday Pass. These are specific production numbers only performed when these passes are purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions
We have covered the basics of what to expect at a Rock Hard Revue show but if you still have questions, check out our FAQ page.

We hope to see you soon!