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Ways To Surprise The Bride At The Bachelorette Party

Ways To Surprise The Bride At The Bachelorette Party

Organizing a party on a ranch is a sure way to surprise the bride at the bachelorette party.


What better way for a maid of honor to show off her party-planning skills than organizing her best friend’s ‘fling before the ring’? After all, no one knows her better than you. Make the night truly memorable and emotional for the bride-to-be, and you’ll create a wow effect she’ll fondly cherish. How to manage that? Take the best from your bond and surprise the bride at the bachelorette party she will remember for years to come.

Ready, set, go!

Take your planner and a favorite drink, get creative, and prepare the ultimate bachelorette party for your girl. You’re a maid of honor for a reason. You’re always there, you listen, you remember. Go through your photos and get some ideas for a party theme. Scan your chats for things she said she wished she could have, do or see. Draft an outline, vote with the other girls and when you agree on a few things, set a budget and make it happen!


Three girls getting ready for a bachelorette party.

Think outside the box

If your best friend is relocating to another state after getting married, you can use it as a theme for your bachelorette party. The theme can be influenced by the state’s nickname or the city’s mascot. Otherwise, you can help her adjust to the idea of relocation by organizing a party in the city she’ll soon be moving to. The sooner you do your research, make hotel reservations, and book flights, the better. You’ll most likely save on the early booking deals and get group discounts. Getting a welcome and a farewell party at the same time is one thing she surely won’t expect.

Hire a professional photographer to make your bride a star

Girls just wanna have fun, and get great photos while they’re at it. Spontaneous photos and selfies don’t go very well together. Let someone else capture the atmosphere so the bride, her girlfriends, and you can get the best of it. Once the night’s done, and the photo shoot is over, everybody will impatiently await the photos. Ask the photographer to create a photo-book with specially designed covers for the future bride and simpler copies for the bridesmaids. Once again, it is up to you to select a theme for the cover, one that is important to her.

A surprised bride is laughing.

Bring a surprise guest and wow the bride at her bachelorette party

Search her guestlist for that childhood friend or loving cousin who lives too far to afford the trip to the bachelorette party. Have you and the bridesmaids split the expenses and get that special guest to town. Bring someone who matters to her for this important evening, and you’ll surprise your old friend for sure. 

But that’s not all – get busy on social media and get in touch with her favorite singer, for example. Ask them to send her a video message congratulating her on her nuptials. Imagine the look on her face when she sees it! On the other hand, if you think she’d enjoy having a stripper join her party, your search for a surprise guest is over.

Play games!

A bachelorette party is not only about themes, food, music, and drinks. Hit the streets for a treasure hunt and let the group follow your clues. Visit all the places she loves in the city and let the hunt end at her favorite one. It may be the place where she met her fiancée or some other meaningful location. You can also involve the groom and have him surprise her with flowers at the end of the hunt.


Bridesmaids are posing for a photo.

Make a themed party

When it comes to themed parties, the sky is your limit. Set the theme but don’t forget the extras, as this is what makes things interesting! Get every possible help from the bridesmaids. Streamline communication by creating a group in one of the apps and let the girls help you find the right props. Perhaps they already have or know where to find affordable decorations. Let yourself loose, and feel free to go into details. To make it all a surprise, have the bachelorette props stored away nearby. Pick one of the storage units close to the party place to be able to retrieve the props quickly when the time comes.

Party like a rock star

OK, perhaps a bachelorette party IS about music, food, and drinks. Get your girls on a party bus and have fun around the city. Surprise the bride at the bachelorette party with a theme – it can be the 70s bus, movie star trailer, or anything else you think she’d like. The best part of it is that you already have a designated driver, and an advantage over a rented limo is that you can dance within a party bus. Have the photographer act as a paparazzi at the final stop, and you’re bound to confuse onlookers and most likely to surprise the bride.

Three women in party dresses drink champagne.

Set up a weekend escape

Who says that bachelorette parties need to be in a glamourous restaurant/hotel/bar/club/casino? Take the bride and her friends to a ranch. Spend time outdoors and (try to) ride horses. Or go to a winery, sip wine, and nibble on home-made cheese and prosciutto. You can also organize a picnic and roast marshmallows by the campfire. Give her an opportunity to enjoy doing something she didn’t have a chance at before. Experiencing something entirely new while having fun with friends is among the bachelorette party ideas she surely won’t expect. Involve her future husband by asking him to leave a present for her at the party location, along with a handwritten note. Surprise guaranteed.

Prepare gifts and mementos

You can surprise the bride at the bachelorette party by giving her a unique gift at the end of it. Ready a box and fill it with small (nonperishable) items that made the bachelorette party special. Include the photos of the party guests and have the girls write her a short message at the back. Let the bride keep some of the funny props, too. Don’t forget the bridesmaids either! Unless you plan to buy a token of thanks for each, you can ask them to choose a prop they like the most and have all other girls sign it.

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