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Best Moving Away Party Ideas in 2021

Best Moving Away Party Ideas in 2021


A moving away party

Photo by Yutacar on Unsplash

Moving to a new city or country is exciting – but there’s something about leaving we all dislike. No matter how great your new home is, leaving your old place is not always a happy moment. Saying goodbye to your old home, friends, coworkers, and neighbors is hard for some people. For that reason, you should do it in the best way possible – by throwing a party! If you want to make this night truly memorable for everybody, go through the best moving away party ideas and pick the one that suits your wishes. Your guests will love it, and you will feel ready for new adventures after moving away.

Why throw a moving away party?

Not sure if your moving situation requires a celebration? Well, let’s see the most common reasons people throw parties for leaving their current location:

  • New job – getting a new job or simply moving your business to a new location requires a cheer to a successful start;
  • College – celebrate the previous education success, new challenges, and moving to the new school;
  • Military – it’s common for military families to throw deployment parties, so if you’re moving to a new military position, why not celebrate it appropriately;
  • Searching for new experiences – moving away doesn’t need to include any of the aforementioned reasons. Sometimes, you just want to start a new life chapter. Meeting new cultures creating new connections is a good enough reason to throw a party!

How to make a memorable moving away party  – the best ideas for 2021

Depending on the reason you’re leaving, your mood, and your current life situation, you’ll pick a theme that works best for you at the moment. Farewell parties should be all about joy and celebration, and here are some best ways to do it. 

Intimate party for the closest friends 

In the world of online exposure, intimacy is valued a lot. So, if you don’t want to make a big deal out of your move, try throwing a simple, private party for just your closest friends. You can do that at home or in your backyard – depending on the weather. Either way, try making it as relaxing as possible. Remove the furniture and add some pillows on the floor for sitting. Cook your favorite meal and play videos of the good times you and your friends had together. It can be a fun night of laughing, talking, and reminiscing. And if you can’t gather again in your new home – try organizing a virtual housewarming party for the same group of people. 

A person pouring drinks at a party

Celebrating with the closest circle of friends can be the perfect way to start a new life journey. Photo by Dave Lastovskiy on Unsplash 

Game night 

Sometimes, a good old game night is all we need to forget the troubles we’re dealing with. This requires a small party of just a few guests, pizzas, and your favorite games. This could be one of the best moving away party ideas as it ensures all the guests will enjoy it. Don’t forget to bring all the game items, have enough drinks and food, and play some cool background music that will keep the party going. 


Cards and dice

Games help people relax and have fun, so it can be a perfect way to celebrate moving away. Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash 

A beach-themed party 

If you or somebody you love is moving to a place near the ocean/sea, it’s a great idea to throw them a beach party. There are tons of beach-themed party props you can use for decoration. Also, such a party theme requires cocktails for drinks – and we’re sure your guests will love it. If you’re making cocktails on your own, research online for some cool recipes to surprise everyone. Or make the party even more exciting – hire a professional mixologist that will make some perfect cocktails and even teach you how to make one yourself. 

Brewery tour 

Going out for a beer can be even more epic. You can go on a brew tour with your friends or coworkers and make this party memorable. Many cities offer brew tours of local distilleries and breweries, where you can taste some fantastic drinks and learn amazing facts about them. 


Friends drinking beer at a moving away party

Exploring the beer map of your old city is an excellent moving away party idea. Photo by Fred Moon on Unsplash 

Plan the party in advance 

With moving and everything else going on, planning even the simplest party can be challenging. That’s why you should start on time, and prepare everything days before the party. Don’t forget to:

  • Decide on a theme and get everything you need set;
  • Make a guest list;
  • Send out invitations;
  • Get decoration; 
  • Order food/drinks or get enough ingredients to make some. 

Remember: online parties are becoming popular these days and are a perfect way to have fun even if you can’t meet everyone. They are easy to organize and cost less money and energy!

Plan your move with ease 

All the moving stress might keep you away from enjoying your moving away party. To prevent feeling down on your big day, make sure you plan everything on time. This will ensure you move out of the Sunshine State without stress and have an amazing time at your party. Florida offers some skillful interstate movers, so relocating to a new location shouldn’t be a problem.

Pack smart 

To make your move more manageable and less expensive, try to avoid overpacking. This means you should declutter your home before you start putting items into boxes. Say goodbye to anything you don’t use or need anymore, and make space for some new memories. 

Stay safe 

The key to a successful move is making sure all the steps to your new home are as safe as possible. This means you should double-check the professionals you trust your items with. Always check the people you hire, read reviews, and browse only reliable sources. Databases such as Best Cross Country Movers offer information on reliable moving companies, so you can be sure you’re browsing only trustworthy businesses. 

Don’t look back 

It’s okay to feel hesitant when it comes to making such a big step. However, if the reasons for your move and your goal seem right – there’s no need to look back. We’re sure these moving away party ideas will ease your mind, and planning the event will help you feel better about this new life chapter. Cheers to your move and have a great party!

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