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How to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday in Orlando

How to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday in Orlando

Two silver balloons at a celebration of somebody's 30th birthday.

On your birthday, you deserve nothing but the best. The best place to celebrate your birthday, the nicest gifts, and the best cake! Choosing to celebrate your 30th birthday in Orlando is a great idea. Orlando has it all. From Disney attractions to outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone! Even if you’d prefer a more low-key celebration, you can dine at one of Orlando’s best birthday restaurants if you’d rather not go all-out at a theme park for your birthday. We’re here to make sure your special day is all about you. We’ve compiled a list of the best birthday destinations in Orlando, so you can make it a day to remember.

1 Wine and dine at Lake Eola

Restaurants around Lake Eola, like World of Beer and 310 Lakeside, provide a variety of cuisines. If you’re looking for a terrific place to celebrate a birthday in Orlando, go no farther than Lake Eola, which is located in a convenient location that’s easy to get to from many parts of the city. Excellent restaurants all stacked up next to each other also call for wine tastings! You can surprise your guests at your party with some bottles of wine! Gather your friends and celebrate your 30th birthday in style!


A picture of Lake Eola on a clear sunny day.

Lake Eola is a beautiful place to celebrate your 30th birthday in Orlando.

2 Take a ride in an airboat

Are you an active nature-lover? Alligators and other Florida wildlife can be spotted on an airboat excursion with Boggy Creek, cruising over the lakes. It’s a tradition in Central Florida to take an airboat ride, and it’s a great way to celebrate your birthday in style. There is a lot to do on land before and after your flight over the wetlands, and experienced guides will show you the best of Boggy Creek. If you’ve just moved to Orlando from a northern state, this is a fantastic idea. Coming from a colder area, you will need some time to adapt to a different climate. Boggy Creek will definitely help you adjust to the new, sunny weather!

3 Laugh all night at SAK

At SAK Comedy Lab, you may see a live improvisational comedy event! The on-stage comedians create characters and plots on the fly in collaboration with members of the audience. Make plans to attend one of the weekly signature events and sign up for an 8-week Improv training.

4 Switch it up at Mangos Tropical Cafe

If you’re looking for a Latin-themed night out, Mangos is the place to go. As well as having a wide selection of Latin-inspired adult beverages and a full cuisine, they also feature a fantastic Michael Jackson live performance! It changes into a Latin nightclub after the show, and it’s one of the most memorable nightlife experiences in Orlando! Hip hop music and a second bar may be found in the upstairs space. This is a great place to celebrate your 30th birthday in Orlando, especially if you have a large group of people coming. You can even reserve a seat at a VIP table to dine while taking in the entertainment.

5 Eat in Kadence Restaurant

Kadence is a hidden gem in Orlando, with only nine seats and a strict policy on walk-ins. If you’re celebrating a birthday in Orlando, dining at a sushi bar where you can see the food being cooked and converse with the chefs is a great option. You’ll want to book appointments well in advance of your birthday to enjoy this high-quality cuisine. Make it an occasion to remember with the help of a group of eight people. If you’re moving away, this can also make a touching going-away party. According to, relocations are always easier if you properly say goodbye to your old home. 

6 Game it up in an escape room!

Escapology is a great spot to celebrate a birthday for individuals who enjoy a good challenge. If you’re looking for less planning and more fun, this is your option! You and your friends will be confined in a room and have to uncover the mystery to get out! The fact that you only have a limited amount of time adds to the thrill of the adventure. Suitable for a group birthday celebration.

A neon sign displaying the words "escape rooms."

An escape room is perfect for a 30th birthday challenge!

7 Swim with the dolphins in Discovery Cove

At Discovery Cove, you can swim with dolphins and have a birthday experience you’ll never forget in Orlando. You can snorkel with fish, dine on tropical patios, and swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove, a nature-based amusement park. There is an additional fee for the dolphin swimming experience at Discovery Cove, but it’s your birthday, so it’s worth it!

8 Attend a Play at the Dr. Phillips Center

The Dr. Philips Center in downtown Orlando is home to some of the city’s best performances in the arts. Additionally, there are symphony and jazz performances, as well as world-class plays, here. This is a beautiful gift or idea for individuals who appreciate the arts. Celebrate your birthday with a special someone or a group of friends.

9 Test your mixing skills

Are you ready to fulfill your cocktail fantasies? If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make a cocktail, there are plenty of bars in Orlando and beyond where you can do just that. On the first and third Saturday of each month, The Courtesy in downtown Orlando offers a $60 cocktail lesson that includes full-size cocktails, tools, and gratuity.


 A cocktail.

Mixology might become your newest obsession after a fantastic cocktail workshop!

Final words

We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect place to celebrate your 30th birthday in Orlando. We know how stressful planning an event can get. But above all things, remember to have fun! Happy birthday!

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