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7 Tips for Planning a Divorce Party in Orlando

7 Tips for Planning a Divorce Party in Orlando

People hanging out after planning a divorce party in Orlando.

A divorce party is something you may or may not have heard of. In many aspects, it’s a wonderful thing that this trend is spreading so quickly. Why not celebrate divorce in the same way you celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in your relationship with someone? Some individuals believe a divorce celebration is like celebrating death in the family. Still, divorce is the greatest thing for everyone involved in many circumstances and may be highly beneficial. So, if you’re planning a divorce party in Orlando, here are seven golden tips for making it epic and new-beginning worthy.

#1 Your party should speak freedom and confidence

Whether you’re throwing them for yourself or your BFF, divorce parties may be whatever you want them to be. To demonstrate your maturity, you might go for a more serious theme for the party. For example, set up a mobile cocktail bar with divorce-themed cocktails for your guests to enjoy as they arrive. Another option is the ultimate girls’ night out, where you can spice it up as much as you want. It doesn’t matter which way you go; a divorce celebration should be about confidence and the joy of breaking free from a relationship that wasn’t perfect.


Glasses of alcoholic beverage during a divorce party in Orlando.

Say ‘Cheers’ to your new life by throwing a divorce party in Orlando!

#2 Don’t bring any focus to an ex – focus on the future

It’s important to remember that the focus of the celebration should never be the former spouse. Choosing to focus on the other person’s side of the relationship can be pretty harmful, actually. The party’s goal is not to relive past hurts but to celebrate freedom and empowerment.

Instead of making this night about sobbing and storytelling of all the good times you had with your ex, make the most of the best nightlife in Florida. But, as a little therapeutic trait for yourself, make a list of the good things ahead of you. Think about how you will grow in your career and how you will increase your personal growth.

#3 Do it at your new home

Since you’ve probably lived with your former spouse in a mutual home while you were married, the house or apartment you’re currently living in is probably new to you. Good! There’s no better way to make it official than throwing a housewarming and divorce party at once. If you moved to Orlando from far away, you probably looked for some ways to save money on your long-distance relocation. If your movers have helped you find the best ways to make your move cheaper, we’re sure they’d approve of the 2-in-1 party idea too!

#4 Play with symbolism

Making things symbolic, especially at a divorce party, is a big part of the fun! Depending on how the marriage ended, there are some ideas:

  • Burn the dress. This one is slowly becoming a classic for this kind of party. There’s something oddly satisfying about watching the symbol of a fallen marriage burn. In addition, you can gather pictures and items of importance and burn them all with the dress. That way, you’ll feel like you’re rising like a phoenix from the ashes of an unsuccessful marriage.
  • Get it all out on a pinata. A pinata with your ex’s face on it is the perfect solution for any undermining frustrations you might have.
  • Lemon theme. Making lemonade of a lemon is a great guiding idea when you’re feeling sour about your divorce. Embrace the yellow decorations and lemon-based beverages at your party and make a statement.


Donald Trump’s face on a piñata.

Putting a face that triggers you on a piñata can be therapeutic.

#5 Make it a weekend

No one says your divorce party has to last only one day. It’s logical to make something so significant last at least two days. It can be overwhelming to choose between two options you like, so don’t – make both of them come true. Also, if you moved recently in the search for a new beginning, planning your party on the weekend can be an excellent opportunity. Moreover, as the City Movers suggest, you need to get familiar with the new city to feel at home. So, take this opportunity to explore it. Tour around with your friends, visit different bars and restaurants, and have fun in different places. Here is an example of how you can organize your divorce-party weekend.

A little spa warm-up

The first day should be low-key and relaxing. Having a spa day with your closest friends is a great way to put your troubles to rest. A little pampering, a glass of bubbly, a massage, and some time with friends can help you wind down the day in a peaceful and relaxed state.

Then, let it loose

But the spa day is only a warm-up. The second day should be filled with activities that pump your adrenaline up and make your heart beat faster. It’s up to you and your friends to decide if you will go wild privately or in public, have a cocktail party, or take a road trip to one of the most fun cities in Florida.

#6 Stripers are essential when planning a divorce party in Orlando

“Ma’am, there’s been a noise complaint.” Every bachelorette party requires stripers, but a divorce party needs them even more! It doesn’t matter what kind of party you choose to throw, a little Magic Mike spice can always make it better. Let the professionals spoil you and boost your confidence by reminding you of how sexy and attractive you are. 

#7 Spread love

Last but not least, you should not forget about the most important driving force in the universe – love. Understandably, you could be a bit sore because of wasting your love and time on the wrong person, but there’s so much more to love than that! This is an excellent opportunity to show your friends and family how much you love them, and vice versa. Sharing love with your closest people can make this period significantly more manageable for you. 


Friends hugging.

Giving your heart to your loved ones can be a great way to get over a heartbreak.

The bottom line

No matter the point of view, divorce parties may be beneficial for many individuals. For anyone ready to move on, the concept of throwing a raucous party in celebration of newfound freedom is an excellent option. So, don’t wait any longer – start planning a divorce party in Orlando as soon as possible and enter your new beginning in a fresh and fun manner!

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