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Ways to Celebrate Buying a Second Home in Florida

Ways to Celebrate Buying a Second Home in Florida


A couple high-fiving in their brand new home


Congratulations on your big purchase! Buying a brand new home is something worth celebrating, whether it’s your first or fifth one. Now, you may be wondering – how do I celebrate buying a second home in Florida? We’ve got you covered! With our carefully curated list, you will be able to plan an event or find different ways to honor such an achievement.

Throw a Meet-the-Neighbors Party

Hosting a party to meet your neighbors is a terrific idea, even if it isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of celebrating the purchase of your new home in Florida. The team at recommends getting to know your new neighbors for various reasons. Building a sense of community may help you appreciate the new life you can create here even more. Additionally, this might help you adapt to the new area quickly. Who knows, you might even get a few life-long friends.

Neighbors at a barbecue party

Throw a party by simply preparing some food, getting drinks, and inviting willing neighbors over to have a good time.

Throw a Housewarming Party

Of course, we had to mention throwing a housewarming party. If you have already hosted one after buying your first home, perhaps you can have an unconventional housewarming party this time. There is a multitude of ways you can tackle this. Use your house’s potential for this – throw a pool party at your new pool or a movie night in your big living room. The sky’s the limit! Be creative, think of things you’ve never done before and try and make it happen.

Celebrate with your loved ones

If you’ve had a stressful time purchasing the new home, chances are your family has as well. So, why not take the time and celebrate with your loved ones? You can make this event as fancy or as casual as you wish. Depending on your family traditions and lifestyle, you can do many different things. Go out and see the town, or have a nice family meal. A lunch or dinner will help you all relax and have a memorable experience. If you need something more laid back, you can always order some takeout and spend time in the new house.  

Arrange a Self-Care Day For Yourself

After all of the stress you had to endure during the purchase and relocation, you truly deserve a nice break. Do not forget to pamper yourself and give yourself time to decompress. This is a great way to truly lift your spirits and make the new place feel like home. You don’t need to host a big event or even interact with people if you don’t want to. Make time for things you enjoy, such as your favorite drink, meal, movie, or book. If you’ve been neglecting self-care, now is the time to remedy this by paying attention to what your body needs and seeing where it takes you.


A woman relaxing in a bathtub

Prepare a lovely warm bath for yourself and make it a truly soothing experience.

Go Out and Have Fun in the New Area

No one says you have to stay indoors to celebrate buying a second home in Florida. If the circumstances allow it, go out and enjoy the new area. Chances are, there are plenty of new experiences you may enjoy here, so have some fun. For example, if you’re in Orlando, Florida, it would be a shame to miss out on Rock Hard Revue’s once-in-a-lifetime event. Have some drinks see a show you will never forget. If this doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, you can always research different events, festivals, and concerts that may pique your interest.

Give Your Home a Unique Feel

What better way to mark the occasion than by giving your new house a makeover and making it feel like home? You can do this by decorating – try to focus on a different style than your first home. Purchase new furniture, repaint the walls – the options are genuinely endless. If you need more space, make sure to declutter your home storage. If that doesn’t suffice, you can always get more space by renting a storage unit for all the extra stuff. This is an excellent solution if you have a lot of seasonal items or things you can’t seem to part with for whatever reason.


Home décor

Take this opportunity to give this new home of yours a unique feel by filling it with items that make you happy.

Take the Time to Truly Appreciate Your New Home

It’s easy to get caught up in the commotion of purchasing a new property. So much so that you might forget to celebrate buying a second home in Florida. However, don’t neglect this opportunity – slow down and truly appreciate your new home. You went through a complex process, learned a lot, and ended up with a house you’ve always wanted. Walk through all the rooms, take the time to notice the details, sit on the porch and breathe in the fresh air. Do whatever you think is necessary to become truly at peace in your new home. Afterward, you’ll have all the time in the world to go out, see the new city and meet new people. For example, if you’re in Orlando, you might want to visit the Wall Street Plaza. But for now, enjoy your home and the moment.

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