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Ways To Surprise Your Guests at the Party

Ways To Surprise Your Guests at the Party

A woman blowing confetti towards the camera.

During these difficult times, we are all in need of some pleasant surprises. Whether you’re organizing a housewarming party or a simple retirement party, why not surprise your guests? You can achieve this in a variety of ways with the different ideas we have provided. However, feel free to adapt the idea you’ve picked to your own needs and wants. If you do this, we are confident the guests will enjoy and appreciate it

Make personalized invitations

Why send out a dull text message when you can hand your guests personalized invitations they can keep as souvenirs? This way, you will surprise them before the party has even begun! Be creative, design an invitation using fun pictures, embellish it with glitter, doodles, stickers, or whatever fits the theme. You’re short on time and have a lot of people to invite? Don’t worry. Adapt the idea by simply handwriting the names and personalizing the invitations that way.


An orange ribbon roll, scissors and other DIY items on a marble countertop.

You can make the invitation as complex or as simple as you want.

Rent a unique venue

If you want to surprise your guests by organizing the party at a different venue than usual, do not add the location to the invitations. To give a hint of mystery, use a question mark instead. There are plenty of unique venues you can rent for the party. Make sure the space fits the theme or the mood you want to create with your party. You could even offer transportation for all of your guests to ensure that the place remains a secret until the very end.

Transform your space

If you choose to throw the party at home, be sure to transform the space. If you have selected a theme – follow it through the decor. For example, a murder mystery party requires fake (washable) blood on the tablecloths, a spooky backdrop, and plenty of candles.

If you’ve recently moved, the movers at suggest throwing a housewarming party to help settle in quicker. In this case, your home doesn’t need extra decor since this will be the first time your friends and family will see it fully furnished – this is enough of a surprise!

Make a grand entrance

Once your guests arrive at the venue of your choosing, you can surprise them by making a grand entrance. This isn’t really a regular part of any party planning guide. But remember – you are a big part of the party! Roll out a red carpet and walk down it slowly, or add fancy lights and dance your way into the party. You can make this idea fit your personality by being creative with how you enter the room.


A woman in a black and white costume with green hair sitting on an orange couch.

Dress up for your grand entrance in a way that suits the theme and your personality.

Prepare unique food

This idea is best suited for people who like to cook or experiment with food. A great tip is to match the theme of your party to the food (and drinks) that you’re serving. 

For example, if you’re hosting a medieval party, incorporate roast meat, cheese platters, and lots of wine. For an added touch, create your very own menu by writing down each dish that’ll be served at the dinner table. Your guests will surely be surprised and appreciate the effort you’ve put into it.

Organize group activities

A good party should always include a variety of entertainment options. If you want to add more excitement and surprise your guests at the party, brainstorm different activities. Board games are an easy choice since there are so many different ones on the market. Pick a few that suit the theme or your guests’ interests. On the other hand, you can always watch a movie. Make it memorable by popping popcorn, bringing out plenty of blankets to keep everyone warm, and choosing a movie you know everyone would enjoy. 

If you have competitive friends, you can host different competitions. For example, a food-eating contest, chess tournament, or a charades game. Make the competition even more thrilling by awarding prizes to the winners.

Host a karaoke party to help even the shyest guests loosen up and have fun. In addition, you can set up a picture booth. This can be done by simply designating a photo area in your home, decorating it, and offering different photo props.


A red tray filled with red popcorn bags.

To make the move night even more special, DIY paper popcorn bags in which you’ll serve popcorn.

Give away party favors

Who doesn’t like gifts? Surprise your guests at the party by giving away different party favors. These gifts can follow the theme. If you’ve decided on a photo booth, you can gift your guests the photos they’ve taken. But what if you’ve hosted an online party? Don’t worry. You can still give away party favors such as a screenshot you’ve taken of the party or a gift card/coupon for their favorite shop. On the other hand, you can gift them a simple thank-you note. Your guests will appreciate knowing just how much you value their company.

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