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Nicest Florida Places for an Outdoor Bachelorette Party

Nicest Florida Places for an Outdoor Bachelorette Party

Girls having a good time in some of the nicest Florida places for an outdoor bachelorette party

Saying “Yes” to a new life opens many opportunities. It’s not only the beginning of a married life with your significant other but also the ending of some old habits. Such transition is often exciting and nostalgic at the same time. Therefore, there is no better way to celebrate it than having fun with your closest friends. Luckily, the Sunshine State provides many opportunities for throwing such events, whether you are a fan of chill gatherings or exciting all-out bachelorette parties. Moreover, since living here is a blessing when it comes to all-year-round perfect weather, what’s better than to spend a night of your life with your friends beneath the open sky? All you have to do is pick one of the nicest Florida places for an outdoor bachelorette party.

For a princess who found her Prince Charming

Even though Orlando is an inland Florida city, that doesn’t mean it can’t offer some of the best nightlife in the state. It is a definition of a party city, especially if you’re planning to fulfill your childish fantasies in a Disney World. Whom are we kidding? Once a Disney fan, you’re always a Disney fan, regardless of age. Thus, being around your childhood heroes who found their happy ends might be the perfect way to celebrate the end of your life as a single? After touring the places that evoke the dearest memories, head to Epcot, a theme park for a perfect wine and dinner night.

In addition, if you have a whole weekend for this special occasion, you can upgrade the experience with a firework cruise. Or perhaps a spa day and many other magnificent opportunities this place provides?


Snow White and Prince Charming in Disney World

Is there a better place than Disney World to have a bachelorette party? After all, they helped you believe in true love and happy endings that brought you to this moment.

Embracing your magic side

If you’re a 90’s or 00’s child, the fantastic Harry Potter world was a significant part of your childhood. Therefore, if you prefer witches and wizards over damsels in distress, Orlando can make your dreams come true. What better way to celebrate your special day than touring the Wizard World of Harry Potter with your besties? Dress up as a Hogwarts student and experience the magic firsthand in the Universal Studios. Moreover, dine in the Leaky Cauldron if you want to feel the unique vibe of Diagon Alley and enjoy classic British meals. Still, when you decide to infiltrate the Muggle world, there are a dozen clubs and bars in the Citywalk just outside the parks.

Without a doubt, themed parties provide the best fun and memories. In such cases, trinkets and souvenirs from a tour are great memorabilia. You can always re-use them for future anniversary celebrations or Halloween parties. And if you buy too much, perhaps a short-storage rental could take this pile of items off your hands until you figure out what to do with them. So,  once you find a safe place for party items, you can wait until the perfect opportunity to revoke the fun moments with your loved ones.

A piece of private paradise

Sometimes you don’t have to waste thousands of dollars buying expensive tickets, tours, and dinners. Simply spending private time under the open stars with your girl crew is more than enough. Buy your favorite food, drinks, music, and pack up your party games and camping gear. Florida nights are perfect, whether you plan to spend your last days as a single woman next to a beach or in lovely green nature. And the best part of it, planning an ultimate fun bachelorette party doesn’t have to cost a small fortune if you prepare well.

The place of your choosing can be your backyard or some location that is dear to you as long as it’s far enough from the residential area if you’re planning to play music or be noisy. Still, if you’re not sure where to go, consider Dry Tortugas, an island 70 miles from Key West. This old military fort is one of the most pristine locations with fantastic diving and snorkeling options. In addition, you get to experience majestic beaches and the purest water in Florida. Of course, to get here, you’d have to travel by boat, a charter, or ferry.


Girls throwing a bachelorette party with a bonfire

The nicest Florida places for an outdoor bachelorette party don’t have to be expensive clubs and resorts. All you need is your loved ones around you.

Sailing into a sunset

Sun, cocktails, and your best friends are guaranteed combo for having a good time. Now add a charter boat to it, and you’ll have a perfect party to remember. If you happen to be near Miami-Dade County, chartering a boat for Sunny Isles Beach might be exactly what you need. You’ll get to take your gals on a private yacht to enjoy lovely beaches, views of luxurious mansions, and sightseeing some of the most magnificent nature in Florida. The crew will make sure your plate and glass are full. In the meantime, you can relax and soak up the enjoyable moments while sailing into a sunset.

A stylish resort relaxation

If you’re tired of loud music, crowded places, and all that fuss, there might be just the perfect solution for your bachelorette party in the magnificent Amelia Island. This is one of the nicest Florida places for an outdoor bachelorette party, with many activities at your disposal. From sipping cocktails or champagne with your girls at the beach to kayaking and paddleboarding, Amelia Island is a paradise for those who love natural wonders and exploring the outdoors. Naturally, nighttime provides good fun, too, since downtown has some amazing cocktail bars and restaurants with top-notch cuisine.


Girl pouring champagne in one of the nicest Florida places for an outdoor bachelorette party

Sometimes, sipping champagne with your girl tribe on a seashore resort is everything you need


Choosing any of these Florida places for an outdoor bachelorette party will guarantee to create memorable moments. The state is famous for its accessibility, iconic landmarks, amusement parks, and beautiful beaches. Each city in the Sunshine State has a soul and unique character. Thus, you can be sure to find good fun for everyone’s taste and wallet before saying “I do” to your significant other.

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