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The Ultimate Girls Night Out

The Ultimate Girls Night Out

with Rock Hard Revue | The Magic Mike Experience


Male Revue | Bachelorette Party Ideas

By Betty Barfly of WFTV Orlando

Are you ready for the Ultimate Girls Night Out? Recently, I had the ‘tough’ assignment of reviewing the Rock Hard Revue | The Ultimate Girls Night Out, Central Florida’s only all-male revue show. Honestly, it was my first time at an event like this so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to admit it was a fun, fabulous experience that I will definitely do again with my girlfriends.

Before the show begins, women of all ages enjoy a cocktail at the bar. This salacious performance was at The Abbey in Downtown Orlando. The crowd consists of bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and groups of girls just wanting a night out to themselves.

Price of admission varies: Guests who spend the higher ticket prices have a table at the very front by the stage; secondly, there are seats just behind the tables; and lastly, there is general admission toward the back near the bar area.

The rousing part of my ‘difficult’ assignment was interviewing the male entertainers! I spoke to Jason, Khalil, and Narada; the three of them have a combined 9 years dancing and performance experience. The men were extremely courteous, professional, and consummate gentlemen (one of them even held my Cosmopolitan so I wouldn’t have to put it on the floor when asking questions). I had to ask what the downside to performing was and their responses were quite interesting: forced kissing, women inviting them home, and one of them said he was bitten on the backside…OMG!

One of the misconceptions of the Rock Hard Revue is that it’s just male strippers – but it’s not.The Ultimate Girls Night Out is a show that includes dance routines with an element of striptease. It’s a serious production, not just a bunch of good-looking guys standing on stage taking their clothes off. At one point, there was an acrobat on stage showing his core strength by doing different handstands. Rock Hard Revue is the brainchild of David Greenhouse. He’s performed all over the world and is a former director & choreographer of “Chippendales” in Las Vegas.

I don’t want to discourage you though if you want to see scantily clad men, this is still a show for you. In between routines, the men do come down into the audience and dance for tips. The popular ‘Hot Seats’ performance is presented twice during each show. This is when women pay $10 for a lap dance on stage with a dancer of their fancy.

Expect to be entertained for nearly 2 hours when you attend a Rock Hard Revue show. The troupe is also available for private parties. For more information on booking a private party or to see their upcoming schedule, go to