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Gay Bachelor Party Orlando


Gay Bachelor Party Orlando

It’s tough finding things to do for a Gay Bachelor Party Orlando. You will be hard pressed to find a gay male strip club in Orlando. Up until now, male revue shows were strictly where women by the dozens, celebrated their bachelorette parties or girls spent a “girls night out” or birthday celebration. These days, you’re as likely to see men in the audience as on the stage. As we gravitate towards an era of full inclusion, the lines of sexuality have blurred. If you are looking to throw a Gay Bachelor Party Orlando, look no further!  Rock Hard Revue is for EVERYONE, whether gay, straight, bi, trans, brown, white, pink, or blue, this Gay Bachelor Party Orlando is the place for you to just be you! Allow us to help you celebrate your special occasion and have the experience of a lifetime!


First things first. You must communicate with the “groom(s) to be” whether or not this is an option for them.  It doesn’t matter what your sexual preference is, this type of thing is not for everyone. Once you decide that Rock Hard Revue is the place to be, find out what the budget is per person that everyone is willing to spend.  This will help you with the booking process of your Gay Bachelor Party Orlando.



First off, you always have to keep in mind that booking ahead is always best. If you wait too long, things can get booked and then you have to come up with a Plan B, if you haven’t already. And let’s face it, most people don’t want a Plan B when it comes to anything that has to do with a wedding. Tickets will run anywhere from $20 per person to $50 per person.  Having that information on what everyone is willing to spend is crucial to what accommodations you’ll end up choosing. Then it’s time to think about how to get to the Gay Bachelor Party Orlando.


Next, you will need to decide on transportation to the venue. Do you want everyone to come on their own or should you rent a limo?  Do you call an Uber? Plan on having a DD if you end up carpooling.


Be Prepared!

Rock Hard Revue is an “Interactive” show which means the guys will get up close and personal! It’s wise to be equipped with singles if you fancy any quality time with the dancers. They are trained to the scent of money so hold that money up high and within seconds you’ll be attacked like a wounded Gazelle on the African savanna! Everything and more at your Gay Bachelor Party Orlando.

The #1 choice for gay bachelor parties in Orlando

Rock Hard Revue is a night you will never forget.  And even more importantly, it’s an experience that your Bachelor will never forget.  So make the decision now!  You won’t regret it…   Rock Hard Revue is the ONLY place where to have your Gay Bachelor Party Orlando.

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