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Divorce Party Ideas Orlando


Divorce Party at ROCK HARD REVUE


No one gets married hoping to see the demise of the marriage, but bad things happen to good people all the time. Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult events in one’s life, but when it is over, throw a divorce party and begin a new life. Finding the silver lining in the situation can be just what you need. Go ahead and be frivolous and silly. Invite your closest friends to join you at your divorce party to see the sexist men in Orlando.

Why have a divorce party?

While the divorce party can apparently take many forms, universally among internet websites about divorce parties it’s said to be a cathartic experience, in which the newly divorced are so distracted from their pain by the presence of strippers, cake, and/or the song “Survivor” playing in the background, that the pain feels—at least momentarily—expunged.

Divorce Party at Rock Hard Revue

So who should you invite?

Invite only your nearest and dearest friends who have seen you through this difficult time in your life. These are the people who have offered you a shoulder to cry on, who were strong for you when you thought you would fall apart, and those who made you laugh when you thought the tears would never stop.

Hire a Photographer

What is a better way to create memories than to have a professional photographer take photos at your party? These can be your Nani-Nani Boo-Boo Bitch photos that you can share on social media. Get him super jealous, if you are hat type of person. Otherwise, it’s just person ammunition for you to have when you need reminders of how you were set free!


A just divorced party may be just what you or your friends need to help pull a new divorcee out of her funk. It’s all about dedicating a special day to all the things you love, and ending it with the perfect distraction: sexy, handsome, and gyrating men who want nothing more than to show you their…but first: to the party planning!

Start the day with a mani/pedi.

When you need self-love and pampering, you need the spa. If you want even more relaxation, book a full day of facials, massages, and treatments to spoil yourselves.

Next up: Caesar time.

Nothing says classy mid-day drink like the Caesar. After all, it has vegetables, fermented foods (probiotics!), and spices, so really it’s just like a complete and balanced meal.

Menu planning:

This day is all about your friend, so make sure the menu includes all her favorite dishes. Need suggestions? Think fun foods like fruit and vegetable edible arrangements, decadent treats like lobster, indulgent snacks like pizza, feel-good foods like stir fry, or comfort foods like pasta. And whatever you do, don’t forget the wine.

The untying the knot cake.

Just like no wedding is complete without a wedding cake, so too is no just divorced party over until the untying the knot cake has been cut. What kind of cake? It doesn’t matter, as long as your friend loves it.

Make the party whatever you want it to be. It can be an elegant gathering like a fancy dinner party, maybe a concert with good music. Or, maybe celebrate your new found freedom by seeing some hunky men take their clothes off! Check out Zombie Cakes Bakery for some awesome cakes!


Divorce Party at Rock Hard RevueDivorce Party at Rock Hard Revue

This is the time when you and your friends party until your divorcee forgets what her party was for in the first place. The choreographed dances, bring-fantasy-to-life costumes, pumping music, and half-naked hard bodies are sure to make you all forget your troubles. And for that special lady, make sure she’s in the hot seat so she’s guaranteed enough attention to keep her a blushing non-bride for weeks to come.

Friends are the people you count on to always be there, and sometimes that means dragging you out to celebrate something that would otherwise be really tough to deal with. But turning your divorce into a reason to celebrate is a great way to get back on your feet. And who better to do that with than your closest girlfriends, and what better way to get back out there than to bump and grind with some of the sexiest men alive! Divorce Party Ideas Orlando with Rock Hard Revue!