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Coolest Surprise Party Ideas

Coolest surprise party ideas

A circus-themed party is one of the funniest surprise party ideas.

If movies have taught us anything, it is that it’s very difficult to organize a surprise party without your special someone learning about it. Us humans have developed a keen sense of sniffing out covert actions and, more often than not, tend to bust surprise parties meant to make us happy. So the first piece of advice you will get is: to successfully organize a party for your loved one, whoever they are, delegate the task to someone they’re not in close contact with. Our part in the endeavor is to equip you with the coolest surprise party ideas. Take your pick!

Themed parties!

Whether you need birthday party ideas for women or wish to host any other anniversary celebration, themes are your best friends. Ask yourself a few important questions first.

  • How well do you know the person you wish to surprise?
  • Do you know what they truly like?
  • What is it they never had a chance to try?
  • Do they even like surprise parties?

The best thing about a themed party is that it immerses you into the world of your choosing for a short time, which makes it that much more exciting. And it doesn’t even have to be expensive.

Go on a favorite trip. In your living room.

Enjoy the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland and have a makeup artist or a friend paint the faces of partygoers. Luckily, YouTube is a great resource for dressing and makeup tutorials, should you need inspiration and tips. Sip on the tea from unmatching cups, nibble on tiny muffins or an oversized cake, and enjoy the smell of red and white roses. 

In love with mysterious 007? Extravagant Bond ladies and gents in suits, cards (or perhaps even board games?), medium-dry martinis, with lemon peel. Shaken, not stirred, of course. 

Want to share the fun with your pets? Organize a magical backyard party with a circus setting where your friends can bring their furry and feathery friends. Imagine shiny ornaments and glitter, spotlights, curtains, balloon clusters, and your delighted friend.

Do not underestimate delicious food and drinks – an important segment of every successful party. Also, whatever theme you pick, do not forget to delegate a person to take photos! If you can hire a professional photographer to make one of your special surprise party ideas timeless, do it, it is worth it.

Two party-goers at a pirate-themed outdoor party.

Other themed surprise party ideas

To organize an event to remember, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Your friends and family likely keep some of the props from the era you want to enliven in your party. Time travel to a favorite decade or century, go back to the future or host a steampunk party.

Movies, series, musicals, popular shows, and even games are constantly growing source of inspiration for themed parties. Animate your special someone’s favorite characters in an appropriate setting. Organize a second breakfast in a local park for your Elven princess. Enjoy a pint in a Game of Thrones setting at a local pub and, perhaps, even a kidney pie. Enact Hair with the sounds of Aquarius or focus on the discography of one single artist. Create a party in the style of ABBA, KISS or whatever rocks your world. Also, cosplay is popular for a reason!

Party setting matters

There is no ultimate girls’ night out without proper setting. The scenery is vital for your surprise party just as it is for theater shows. In that sense, some of the best surprise party ideas recreate the magical atmosphere of a good theater play.

Have your special someone party like a rockstar in a rented trailer. Music, snacks, drinks, lights, and a group of friends who already got the party started.

Want to make a party high profile? Then rent a limo, get a stretch of the red carpet, and make fans, reporters, and paparazzi go crazy for your guest of honor. Once the flashes fade and your night at the club is over, you can present them with a photo album of the evening.

30's style photo shoot with three glamourous-looking ladies.

Spice up the night reserved for clubbing with a makeover! Hire a makeup artist, hair stylist, and a photographer to treat your lady like a model. Once the photoshoot is over you can hit the clubs and show off your significant other’s newly discovered glamorous side.

An escape room or a treasure hunt, it is up to you to decide. Both activities are great and will bond and equally amuse all partygoers. Searching for clues indoor or outdoor is a less important choice than the theme and a final prize for your special someone.

When was the last time your loved one hit the arcade? Or visited a circus? Enjoyed in an amusement park? Immersed in a fun VR experience? Gather your favorite crew, wake those inner children, relive good old memories, and make some new ones together!

The great outdoors

If you are blessed with proximity to a beach or a private pool, then you have likely thought of a lūʻau, a cocktails night, a Baywatch or pirate-themed party. Rent a boat and hire a mixologist or order Hawaiian leis in vibrant colors and dance under the stars. Beach parties rarely disappoint whichever theme you choose. 

Beach party is one of the most popular surprise party ideas.

What is a party anyway? Snacks, drinks, music, scenery and – a group of important people in a good mood. If the person you are organizing a surprise party for is adventurous, consider organizing an activity they regularly enjoy but with a twist. Invite everybody they love to join you! It will be fun to see how people who wouldn’t normally go camping, fishing, kayaking or trekking adjust. Just make sure that everybody’s safe and don’t overexert. After all, involvement and show of affection matter the most. Those who don’t wish to kayak can prepare a BBQ.

Also, as surprise parties are about experience, what better way to celebrate than to arrange for a joint trip. Even a well-organized sleepover in a city you haven’t visited before is bound to leave you with amazing memories.

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