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Unconventional Bachelorette Party Ideas

Unconventional Bachelorette Party Ideas

A group of girls having an unconventional bachelorette party

The big day is coming closer, and you want to make your bachelorette party special. However, the typical pink dresses, fizzy drinks, and cakes are not something you’re interested in. And that’s fine! You don’t need to fit in a stereotype and spend a lot of money on a party you don’t enjoy. There are many ways you can make your party a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Alternative party ideas are now readily available, and you should try them out.  In this article, we will share some unconventional bachelorette ideas for your party so that you can have the best time with your friends!

A sleepover party 

If you’re with a limited budget, a good old sleepover is what you need for your bachelorette night. Ordering pizzas, playing films and music is the perfect atmosphere for you and your girlfriends. However, if you’re ready to spend some more on your special day, renting a huge hotel room or a place at Airbnb can be a great idea, too! This can be an updated version of your childhood sleepovers, where you can wear your favorite pajamas, make cocktails and play games.

Alternative travel options 

Having a party in a ‘traditional’ place such as Las Vegas might not be for you, but there are other alternative party destinations you can check out. You can make it a road trip with your friends and enjoy more than just one day. 

Bonus tip: As you’re probably moving soon, make sure you trust a professional with all the important moving tasks. Experienced teams like those have to offer will ensure your items are properly packed and delivered, so you can relax and enjoy your party as much as possible. 

It’s time for wine

Drinks are a standard part of a bachelorette party. However, to have a more memorable moment with your girlfriends, you can have a tour of a winery and enjoy a day of wine-tasting and great food. It’s perfect for those who love a more relaxing way to hang out and have a great time. Do some research on online maps and check the nearby wineries you can visit. 

 A group of girls at a bachelorette party

Wine tasting is one of the excellent unconventional bachelorette ideas

Visit a theme park 

A day of fun is guaranteed in a theme park. Visiting an amusement park is one of the unconventional bachelorette ideas and can be perfect for an active group of girls. Whether you choose Disney World or any other amusement park, make sure to make your day even more special. Matching outfits, challenges, and interesting Instagram photos to create unforgettable memories with your beloved girls. 

A spa day 

Who doesn’t like a day in a spa? Massages, face masks, manicures, pedicures, and other treatments topped with some sweets and champagne can be a fantastic way to have an unconventional bachelorette party. This is one of the best ways to have a sober bachelorette party if that is your preference and have the best fun. Also, it is the perfect way to prepare for the big day – you can be relaxed and polished for your wedding with this party choice. 

Bonus tip: If you think a day at a spa will be too much for your budget, make a spa day at home. There are several home-made treatments and masks you can try out and enjoy without spending a fortune. Add some wine, candles, matching T-shirt, and have a relaxing night at home. 

Two girls having massages, one of the unconventional bachelorette ideas

A spa day is always a good option for a bachelorette party


For a more glamorous way to go camping with your friends, try glamping! It’s a whole new level of spending time in nature and undoubtedly one of the unconventional bachelorette party ideas. Choose an exciting location, and ask your friends to join you for some quality outdoor time. Depending on the site, be sure to include some fun activities like swimming or hiking, and make this party unforgettable. 

Several tipi tents

Camping is definitely an alternative bachelorette party idea

Preparing for the big day 

As the big day is coming closer, you need to prepare everything to make the happiest day in your life also the least stressful one. Here are some tips for the future bride to ensure a stress-free period before the wedding and moving into a new home. 

Take care of the moving tasks 

Moving in together is a big step, especially if it involves moving long-distance, so make sure you deal with preparations before the wedding.  Hire professionals to help you settle down in another city. This will ensure you’re not overwhelmed with tasks that tend to pile up around the wedding. Furthermore, the detailed organization of your move will help you stay more focused on the wedding, as you will not have to worry about the common moving challenges. 

Do the beauty preparations

Start on time so that you can prepare your skin and hair for the big day. Do the necessary treatments, schedule your facials on time, and go spray tanning if necessary. Furthermore, don’t forget to eat and sleep properly. A healthy diet and regular sleep are the most important factors that can help you look and feel good on your wedding day. 

Finish wedding tasks on time

Together with your partner, plan the wedding on time and make a checklist on time. This checklist will ensure you don’t forget anything essential and avoid headaches on the big day. The ticking of the tasks off the list as you finish them and staying organized will help you feel more relaxed despite the stressful period. 

All of these tips will ensure only one thing – you and your loved ones enjoying the wedding day. Picking one of the unconventional bachelorette ideas will make sure you have fun and relax before the wedding and have a great start to an amazing new life chapter. Your bachelorette party can be a unique experience you will never forget, so make sure to use this opportunity to have fun!