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5 Online Party Ideas

5 Online Party Ideas

A pink, yellow and blue party balloons 

There are some occasions in life when you can’t gather all of your friends and family in one place and throw a memorable party, but this shouldn’t discourage you.  All you need is a computer and merriment to throw an ultimate bash with your loved ones. Your living room can be a nightclub, cinema, or gym if you use some of the video conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Slack. If you need the inspiration to throw the perfect party, we are giving you 5 online party ideas so you can have a memorable celebration with all of your friends and family.

1. Host a virtual birthday party

Birthdays are special, and a birthday song and cake are a must. Plus, birthdays are the best excuse to have all your friends and family together. But there are times when you can’t throw a birthday party at your favorite restaurant, bar or even your home with all your loved ones. However, that is no reason to skip the birthday. Host a virtual birthday party for your friend and celebrate a birthday in style. Many fun birthday party ideas will help you find the perfect invitation and a theme for your party. Remember: it is not a birthday party without a birthday cake and birthday candles. Also, remind your friends to have their own treats on-hand so you can all indulge yourselves at the same time.

A birthday cake with birthday candles

One of the best online party ideas is a birthday party

2. Do a group workout in your living room

Did you know that Demi Moore celebrated her 51-birthday doing Kundalini yoga with her daughter? If she can celebrate her birthday doing some exercise, you can do it, too. After all, there are tons of interesting apps to help you be in shape, so online fitness is more than doable. Celebrate your birthday by doing a workout with your friends instead of eating and drinking, and have a non-traditional birthday party. 

Gather your friends for an online workout party and have a blast. Nowadays, many websites offer advice on how to exercise, so you can exercise at home with these tips. Choose your favorite exercise, make sure that everyone logs on the same video platform at the same time and you can start partying and sweating. Of the many online party ideas, this one may actually be the most constructive for your health. And you can be sure that you will all remember this birthday party. 

3. Toss a Netflix party

There is nothing better than sitting on your couch in your pajamas with popcorn, a laptop and watching a movie with your friends. If you and your friends love movies, toss a virtual movie party. This will most certainly be one of the coolest surprise parties ever. You can download Netflix party extension so you can all be able to watch the same movie at the same time. Even more, if someone pauses the movie, everyone’s screen will pause and resume at the same time. Plus, there is a chat room at this platform so you can share your thoughts and enjoy the movie together. This will be a movie night to remember!

One of the great online party ideas: a movie night with popcorns

A movie night with your friends and popcorns sounds like a party

4. Plan an online party for a bride-to-be

How to plan a bachelorette party if you can’t gather all your girlfriends at the same place? Don’t get desperate because you can throw an online bachelorette party for your friend and, trust us, she will love it. All you need is a plan and a few steps to follow:

  • schedule a date and time – this will allow you time to plan every aspect of a virtual bachelorette party, but will also give your friends time to save the date on their calendar.
  • send online invitations – personalize the invitation to suit the theme and style
  • chose the theme of the online party for your bride-to-be – you have tons of creative online party ideas to choose from: you can have a fancy dinner party, a pajama bachelorette party, or you can all dress the same outfits

When the day of the online bachelorette party comes all you need is some drinks, the party can start!

A woman sitting on a red sofa facing wall

The advanced technology allows us to enjoy any museum in the world from our home

5.  Make a trip to the museum a party

There are numerous amusing things that you can do with your friends while everyone is at their own house. You have so many choices; you can use some of the countless interesting apps to help you be in shape, or, if you are more of a couch potato, you can all learn something new together and go visit a virtual museum. Museums, like zoos and theme parks around the world, are offering free virtual tours. This means that you and your friends can have an online party at the Louvre, the Vatican, the San Diego Zoo, and more from the comfort of your couch. You have an option to set up a group chat while you navigate the exhibits and discuss your findings. You can travel the world with your friends while sitting in your living room. Does that sound like a party or what?

Aren’t these online party ideas great? There is no person who doesn’t like a good birthday party or a bachelorette party. Everyone enjoys a good movie night, and everyone should do a little exercise from time to time, and you can throw a party while doing it. And who doesn’t like to travel and learn new things? All you and your friends have to do is to choose your cup of tea and the party can begin!