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Tips for throwing a last-minute housewarming party

Tips for throwing a last-minute housewarming party


A group of people enjoying an outdoor housewarming party.

Moving into a new house is such a special occasion that it deserves a proper celebration. A housewarming party is a perfect opportunity to share your happiness with others and see those dear faces you haven’t seen in a while because you’ve been busy with the move. If you decide to do it last-minute and you don’t have much time to prepare, you’ll need a good strategy. To make throwing a last-minute housewarming party a success, check out the following tips.

Make a guest list

Writing down the names of people you want to invite will make planning a last-minute housewarming party much easier. You will know how much space and food you are going to need and what time works best for everyone. Are you inviting relatives, coworkers, college friends or all of them? In case you are new to the neighborhood and don’t know anyone, invite your new neighbors to the party so you can get to know each other. Since this is a last-minute invitation, perhaps not everyone will be able to make it. On the other hand, some people may bring a +1. Once your list is final, give everyone a call or send them a text message with clear directions to your new home.

Sometimes it’s hard to make a guest list you can handle without excluding anyone. If you end up realizing that throwing a last-minute housewarming party is too much for you right now, throwing an online party is a cheap, stress-free alternative you may want to consider. 

Make room for your guests

So, you have just moved in and you still have a bunch of unpacked boxes lying around. That is completely understandable and your guests won’t mind. However, you should at least make your home presentable. The important thing is to get rid of clutter and make room for your guests. Unpack all your necessities and take the empty boxes to the nearest dumpster. Find a suitable place for the rest of your boxes, like the basement or the garage. If you still lack space, invest in a storage unit nearby. Settling down in your new home can be easy if you make your priorities clear. You can finish unpacking after the party when you won’t have to rush. 

Clean your home before throwing a last-minute housewarming party

A party-ready home is a clean home. We assume you won’t have much time for cleaning before throwing a last-minute housewarming party. That’s why you’ll need to prioritize. Focus on the rooms your guests will spend time in and keep the other doors closed. If your guests are curious to see every corner of your new crib (they might even expect it considering the nature of the party), explain that some rooms are not ready yet. After all, it’s your place – you can show as little or as much as you want!

A person cleaning a mirror with a sponge before throwing a last-minute housewarming party. 

When cleaning, focus on the entryway, kitchen, living room, and bathroom. First, put your fragile and irreplaceable items in safe places. Then, sweep your front porch, steps, and walkway, dust the shelves, vacuum and mop the floor, and wipe the windows and mirrors. Pay special attention to the bathroom, as it is the room most guests will use. Scrub the toilet, scrub the tub or shower, and clear the counters of clutter. As you go, pick up any dirty clothes, toys, papers, or anything that is lying around. If you’re really in a hurry, hire professional cleaners to help you out. It may cost you more, but the house will be spotless just in a couple of hours. 

Do not waste your time on decor

Although party décor might enhance the beauty of your home and make the atmosphere a little more special, the success of your party does not depend on it. Just put a vase of fresh-cut flowers on the table and light a couple of candles. You can also use a string of white lights to create a cozy ambiance with lighting. If you plan on having a dance party for a younger crowd, invest in party light bulbs in multiple colors to create a club atmosphere in your living room. 

People standing around a table with candles and food on it; string lights on the wall.


Choose the food wisely

If you don’t have much time for cooking, consider ordering food and having it delivered, hiring a chef for the day, or having a good old fashioned potluck. This solution is not only time-efficient but it also means you won’t mess up your kitchen. 

If doing it yourself is important to you, pick a recipe that is quick and easy, something that doesn’t require a lot of prep time. A simple home-made dish can be just as good as a 5-course meal but it doesn’t take as much time. Remember to take different tastes and potential food sensitivities into account when choosing your menu. If you’re not sure what drinks to serve when throwing a last-minute housewarming party, stick to the basics – water, beer, wine, and something non-alcoholic. If you are having a dinner party for a large group of people, hire party servers to serve your guests while you relax and enjoy the party. 

Alt: People sitting around a table toasting while having a meal. 

Entertain your party guests

Your guests won’t remember what they ate or how you decorated your table months after the party – what they will remember is whether they had a good time. Entertainment is arguably the most important part of your housewarming party. The choice of entertainment depends heavily on the type of party you are having and the age of your guests. If you are throwing a last-minute housewarming party that’s totally chill and informal, you can have a karaoke night, a game night, or a dance party. You can download a party playlist and some free printable party games. If you are having a girls-only party, invite some sexy male dancers and make it a party your girlfriends will never forget.