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Things To Do In Orlando If You Are New In Town

Things to do in Orlando if you are new in town

Person holding a Universal Studios ticket.

Being new in a town means that you get to explore it for the first time. This prospect can be both exciting and terrifying, but it is always interesting. There are plenty of activities for you to partake in, plenty of places to see, and people to hang out with. In fact, you will have so many places that you wish to visit that it can be hard to choose where to go first. And that is where this article comes in. We are going to provide you with our top picks for things to do in Orlando if you are new in town!

Things to do in Orlando if you are new in town

The best way to have more energy to explore Orlando is to let the crew from handle your unpacking. While they take care of your belongings, here is what you want to do when you’re new in town:

  • Get around!
  • Meet neighbors
  • Explore nightlife with your friends
Two different colored doors.

A lot of doors can open for those who are new to Orlando.

Get around!

First things first. You may want to have a couple of days off when you arrive at Orlando, as there are places you absolutely have to visit, from Church Street to Thornton Park. But we will get back to those later. The important thing is that you go outside and start exploring!

Meet neighbors

Relocating to Orlando means that you get to meet your new neighbors all over again. For good or bad, these will be the people you will be spending considerable time around and you want to start on the “right foot”. If you’ve managed to relocate here all the way from New York, you might need to adjust a bit to the mannerisms of the locals. New York and Orlando are quite different and you may need a bit of time to adjust. Try to be pleasant and you will receive pleasantness from your neighbors more often than not.

You can also consider having a party and inviting your neighbors. That is usually a great way to greet your neighbors in a fun and controlled environment. However, these days, you may want to organize a virtual housewarming party instead. They are a lot safer and, if done correctly, are loads of fun. Almost everyone has a way to join in via their phones or computers so you need not worry about that. But if you are more up for some old-fashioned fun, you can also:

Explore nightlife with your friends

Orlando has a thriving nightlife scene you may wish to check out. You can find plenty of great places in Downtown Orlando, such as the Vain Club or the Tier Club. The latter is a veritable world of lasers and shiny surfaces, and it is truly a sight to behold. If you are a fan of large open spaces, check out The Beacham when there is an event going on. As far as things to do in Orlando if you are new in town go, these are all great places to visit.

People smiling and wearing masks.

Orlando’s nightlife accommodates for every taste.

But if you want something more, something wild, definitely check out the Rock Hard Revue. We promise you a unique experience that you will definitely want to repeat somewhere down the line. In fact, you will be hard-pressed to find a better place to surprise an old friend who moved back to town and show him or her a great time! As you can see, there is no shortage of great places to visit. Whatever your mood might be at any given night, Orlando will provide a perfect place for it. Work hard, party hard!

But if you want something to do during the day, read on!

Places to visit in Orlando if you are new in town

There are plenty of sights to behold in Orlando but we feel that these three places stand out:

  • Wall Street Plaza
  • Lake Eola Park
  • Amway Center

Wall Street Plaza

The Wall Street Plaza is a genuine hub of entertainment in Downtown Orlando. There are plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants to cater to your daily needs. In fact, you can start your day in the Wall Street Plaza and finish your night here and not be bored for a second. This place also hosts special events such as St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween. The square gets pretty packed, though, so if you are planning on attending on one of those days, it is advisable to head there rather early.

Lake Eola Park

Sometimes, you want a bit more green in your life. Lake Eola Park provides a great place for all outdoor activities, whether you’re into hiking, biking, picnicking, or even paddle-boating. It spans over 23 acres and is located just off of East Washington Street and has several notable amenities. There is the bright red Chinese pagoda, a playground for children, and an amphitheater.

Strolling through a park is one of the best things to do in Orlando if you are new in town

The best color for relaxation is green. It’s the healthiest, too!

If you want to get away from the high-rises and the hubbub of the large city, while retaining everything it has to offer, you cannot find a better place than this. You will be out of the city, sort of, while still being there. A great place to recharge your batteries, indeed.

Amway Center

Last, but definitely not the least, Amway Center has plenty to offer to anyone who is new in town. This is the premier live entertainment and sports venue that stands in the heart of Orlando. This venue can host any event, from ice hockey championships, through live music performances, to basketball. In fact, it is the home of three major sports teams: Orlando Magic (NBA), Orlando Predators (Arena Soccer League), and Orlando Solar Bears (ECHL-ice hockey). Chances are, you will be visiting this place more than once so might as well get familiar with it as soon as you get there.

These were our top things to do in Orlando if you are new in town, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them. Now go out there and enjoy yourself!

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