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How To Surprise An Old Friend Who Moved Back To Town

How To Surprise An Old Friend Who Moved Back To Town

  Three girls laughing and chatting away.

Surprise an old friend that has returned to your life with a grand gesture and open arms.

When we say breakups can be very difficult, you might think we are referring to breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, but we aren’t. Friendship breakups can be just as painful or even more devastating than losing a partner. Sometimes life happens. People move away, find more demanding jobs, have kids, etc. All those things result in people drifting apart. But for the few fortunate ones, friends do come back to their old address and rekindle old friendships. So, what can you do to surprise an old friend once they move back to their old town? There are many options, but here are some of our favorites.

Why should you surprise an old friend once they have returned to your life?

It is all about showing that you care. Friendships take time and effort, so every little or big gesture will show your friend that you treasure their friendship. Also, moving back to your old town can be a challenge for many reasons. Thus, your friend can surely use your support. You don’t necessarily need to recommend a crew to help them settle down. A one-friend-army can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered. Help them settle in and start living their best life. Here is how you can revive your old friendship but also start a new adventure.

Surprise and old friend by chilling at your old hangout spot like these two girls hanging out on a parked truck.

The simplest places can be perfect spots for catching up.

Send pics and videos

It would be a great idea to surprise your friend with a scrapbook of photos. You can make it out of dear, old memories, and later add new ones. The new scrapbook would entail all the great new memories that you made recently after your friend has moved back. Nothing is more sentimental and dearer to the heart than presents that aren’t store-bought. If you are pressed for time and you cannot make such a gesture, send photos and videos. Your friend will surely appreciate them as well. The thought counts. It will send a clear message that you are thinking about them.

Recreate dear memories from your past

What was your thing? All friends have their own things they like to do. It can be a dinner date, going to the movies, shopping, or something else. So, surprise an old friend by recreating your old dates. Enjoy the things that you gladly used to do together once again. This will fire up your old friendship in no time. For instance, was Friday dedicated to a girl’s night out with your friend? If that was the case, it is time to bring girl’s night out back in full swing. So, reserve your Friday for your friend and party like there is no tomorrow.

Enjoy a relaxing dinner date

Surprises don’t always have to be big to have an impressive effect. A simple dinner date can be just what you and your friend need. It is a great opportunity to catch up with some delicious food and a nice bottle of wine. Just like the wine, you will drink, your friendship will get better as it ages. If you want to score some extra points with your bud, pay attention to your choice of restaurant. Do you know your friend’s favorite dinner spot? If you do, that is where you want to make your reservation. It will show them how well you know them and how glad you are that they are back.

A guy and a girl enjoying their time together while sitting outside in a cafe.

Bonding over food is a great way to socialize and spend significant time with friends.

Organize a movie night

Surprise an old friend by showing up on their doorstep with your favorite movie rentals and some much-needed takeout. There cannot be a more perfect ending to a long and stressful day at work. This will be a small surprise party just for the two of you. Sometimes, so little is needed to show our loved ones how much we care. A movie night with mouthwatering pizza can be a great start. Of course, if you are just looking for a simple snack, no movie night is complete without buttered up popcorn.

Organize a housewarming party

A housewarming party can be a surprise, or it can be a fully planned get-together. Either way, it will be a great way to mingle and socialize. If you and your friend share other friends, even better. This will be the perfect chance to let everybody know who is back in town.

People putting their glasses together and having a good time.

Don’t forget to make refreshing cocktails for your housewarming party. Catering might not be a must, but an open bar sure is.

Put on your cooking hat

What a perfect time to bust out your ’’kiss the cook’’ apron! Instead of preparing dinner before your friend arrives, prepare it in the company of your friend. While you are cooking, you can enjoy wine or cocktails and gossip about old times. Don’t kid yourself. We all have things we like to gossip about and this will be the perfect opportunity. In case you feel like you have two left feet in the kitchen, that is quite alright. You can always surprise an old friend by signing up for both of you for cooking classes. Choose some exotic cooking class and learn something new in great company.

Some friendships are meant to last forever

Saying that we want to be friends forever does sound a bit juvenile. Yet, it is true that we do cherish friendships that go through thick and thin. Especially, friendships that last for ages. So, make sure you put in the effort. Surprise an old friend and show them how much you value them and how much you missed them while they were away. While revisiting old memories, don’t forget to make new ones. In the end, no gesture, no matter how small or big, will be unappreciated by a friend. After all, we all like to feel loved and cared for.