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Guide to organizing a virtual housewarming party

Guide to organizing a virtual housewarming party

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Once your relocation to a new home comes to its end, it’s party time! Throwing a housewarming party is absolutely a must. We all enjoy gathering around our loved ones and wining and dining in our new living space. But what happens if you cannot gather all of them at the same time and yet you want to show your new home to them all? Is it a reason to despair or get discouraged? Of course not! Inspired by some awesome online party ideas, we offer you a complete guide to organizing a virtual housewarming party. Keep reading and get down to some planning.

A virtual housewarming party – why not?

Are you in doubt that a virtual housewarming party is a good idea? Well, we can easily prove you wrong. Take a glance at the most obvious pros of organizing one:

  • You don’t have to think about the space and the number of people you will invite. Relax! Everybody is welcome and they all fit perfectly into your plan. All you need is a good video conferencing platform you will use.
  • Forget about catering and making food. All of your virtual guests can sit comfortably in their homes and prepare something themselves. You have only one task – enjoying your new home and letting others do the same.
  • You don’t have to wait for your new home to be completely decorated and arranged to throw a bash. Simply put an accent on those areas you like and are proud of. Nobody has to see a room or two that are still empty, for example. You choose what you want to show.

a living room filled with furniture and a window

You decide what the guests at your virtual housewarming party will see – relax and do not worry about those still imperfect parts of your new home.

  • Virtual party, virtual expenses. In other words, no expenses at all. The price you had to pay to relocate safe and hassle-free anywhere in Florida might not have cheap, but once you settle in your new home, you can save a few dollars and still organize a party for the people you love.
  • Finally, organizing a virtual housewarming party is a perfect solution in the current situation when we are struggling with the COVID-19 outbreak and when we need to stay safe and healthy. Also, this is the option to go for if your family and friends live too far from you to come and visit your place in person.

Set the date

Firstly, you need to decide on the right date for your virtual housewarming party. We suggest Saturday or Sunday afternoon as excellent options. Chances are, the people you are planning to invite will be relaxing in their homes, so they will be willing to meet you online. It will not take too much of their time since there is no need to get ready, travel, attend the party, and then go back home. They are at the center of a memorable event after just a few clicks.


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Set the date for your virtual housewarming party carefully.


Create online invitations

Let your creativity run wild and make some awesome online invitations to your virtual housewarming party. One of the options is to take a few photos of your new home to use as the background. The photos will arouse the interest of your guests and just give a small hint of what they can expect. Remember to include the critical information on these invitations. Your guests need to know the time and the video conferencing platform they will need to use to attend the party. Send the invitations on time, so that your friends and family can get organized.

Make a plan

A plan is what you need to make this party fun and memorable. The way you organize it is unusual indeed and it will take a lot of effort to make it interesting and joyful for everybody. Being so different from housewarming or birthday parties we are used to, your party will give you the perfect chance to organize something unique, so use it smartly.

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Use your chance wisely and organize a memorable virtual housewarming party.

First, you need to decide who will be the host of the party. If you live with your family, will all the members be included in the presentation of your new home or not? It might be a good idea to let your children show their rooms. They will feel important and enjoy this task immensely.

How are you going to present the home to your virtual guests? Ideally, you should provide them with some general information in the beginning – the location, the size of your home, how difficult it was to decorate it, whether there is a particular style you decided to follow.  Most probably, they will ask questions and give some comments. Listening to suggestions can be inspiring since you might introduce some changes after you hear certain ideas.

Then, organize a home tour. Focus on the areas you want to show and forget about those you haven’t arranged yet. As simple as that. There will be no awkward questions about these areas because nobody will see them.

If you have a yard, remember to show it as well. If the weather is nice, this might be the place to start or end your housewarming party. The greenery, the sun, and a good mood are always a winning combination.

Final words

In the end, do not forget to thank everybody for attending your party. Invite them to pay you a visit when an opportunity comes up. If they want, you can even take them to try out the nightlife in Orlando during their visit? A fun night out is what we all love and need from time to time!

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